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Valcom's distributed amplified paging speakers provide built-in amplifiers and volume controls. These speakers are essentially independent public address systems that can be networked together. This building block concept allows easy system configuration and flexible modification as customer needs change.




Viking products are "Made in the USA" and include ADA compliant elevator and emergency phones, digital ACD/VCD and "Promotion on Hold" announcers, call sequencers, door entry systems, clock controlled tone generators, paging and loud ringing amplifiers, automated attendants, fax modem line sharing devices, automatic "Hot-Line" dialers and phones, privacy exclusion devices, programmable toll restrictors, service observers, as well as OEM products for many other corporations.



Bogen Communications International, Inc. is a leading provider of sound systems and telephone peripherals for commercial, industrial, and institutional applications the world over. Their zoned paging controls are perfect for larger companies with multiple divisions, allowing you to page only certain sections of your office building.



JW Davis

From its inception almost 74 years ago, J.W. Davis & Company has been a pioneer in the electronics field. The company has maintained its innovative spirit through the continual introduction of new and creative products. The result has seen J.W. Davis & Company equipment installed in the White House in washington, the New York Public Library, Boeing's California Plant and many other well-known buildings and major industrial facilities.

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